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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Apples to Apples-Food For Thought Series (3)

Can you compare apples to apples? Absolutely! That’s exactly what we did with Todays history lesson on archaeology. Last lesson, we talked about history, and that it is the study of what happened in the past, we talked about how you can learn history based on what people in the past have written about. But how do we find out the history of a given time, if there were not any letters written. We talked about how studying the things people leave behind, can tell the story of history too.
We learned about Archaeology and did a backyard dig, that they were not as interested in as I had thought they would be. So I brought them in to do another activity in which I had dumped out an entire bag of apples on the table and told Joshua to choose one…He chose one and began eating it…not part of the plan…so I told him to choose another one. I told him to tell me in detail every single thing about the apple he had chosen (the uneaten one of course) I wrote down each distinguishing characteristic he told me
1.       It has a dent on the bottom of the flatter side of it
2.       The stem is brown and skinny with a rounded top
3.       One side sticks out more than the other
4.       Its green around the top
5.       Its green on the bottom with pointy leaves
6.       It has a lot of dots all over it
7.       It is red
Then we placed the apple in a bowl with all the rest of them and I read him back his description and he had to find the apple based on his description. That is what archaeologists do they carefully examine every detail of things to learn about history of a person, place, or thing in time.
We enjoyed the lesson and plan to try it out on daddy!

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  1. We actually did this a few weeks ago and I had the post pre-prepared, but I had put the apples back in the refrigerator and he just pulled one out to eat the other day and was like, Hey Mom, this is my apple from the archaeology experiment! :)