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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Moons over my Oreo -Food For Thought Series (1)

This is my first post in my "Food for thought" series, on using food as a motivational and fun way to teach.

One great thing about home schooling is having the freedom to teach whatever you want, whenever you want, and however you want.  A great example of this is what I did today with my boys as a result of my 3 year old John Carlos fascination with the moon all of a sudden.  Last night, I heard some thumping around when he was supposed to be going to bed and found him staring out at the full moon. It was shining bright in a sort of yellowish hue. He was saying, the moon, the moon, I see the moon! What color is it mommy? So we talked about the moon and looked at it through binoculars, it was a moment to be cherished.  I told him it was time to say “Goodnight Moon,” but that we would learn more about the moon tomorrow.

So I found a cute lesson plan online at one of my favorite websites for free learning printables and ideas, www.teachmama.com  whereby you use the cream of the oreo to make the moon into all of the moons different phases. They had fun with it and Joshua, my 5yr old was fascinated by the way the phases are changed by the different positions of the sun, moon and earth, and practiced moving the sun and earth into the correct placements above each phase, using the sun as a vanilla oreo and another chocolate oreo as the earth.

It was a fun way to teach these things, I don’t think John Carlos Got it 100% but he enjoyed eating the cookies and frosting and we even crushed up the leftover oreo tops that no one wanted in paper bags by stepping on them…any boy will love that idea…we will be rolling our vanilla ice cream cones in the crushed oreos to make it look like our favorite phase of the moon, after supper tonight. Great times!

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